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We’ve moved! Now located inside the Guardian Medical Practice at level 1, 459 Station Street Box Hill.

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Optimal Injury Recovery,
Sports Performance & 
General Osteopathic Management

Release, Recover, Restore.

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Box Hill Osteopathy

At Box Hill Osteopathy we aim to provide exceptional healthcare every single time. We pride ourselves on delivering dedicated and thorough osteopathic management.


Through a holistic and collaborative approach we aim to find the root cause of why pain persists. It's our mission to have you return to the things you love doing.

For over a decade we have been serving residents across Melbourne, building a strong community within our clinic. We invite you to come join us and discover the benefits of our Osteopathic practices. 

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What is Osteopathy?

What is Osteopathy?

Osteopathy is a form of holistic manual therapy and treatment which uses the hands-on technique. Osteopaths consider the body to function as an integrated unit. It is rare for an osteopath to treat one area of the body. Assessment and treatment involve the consideration of how the musculoskeletal system, nervous system, gastrointestinal system and circulatory systems are functioning.

Osteopathy use a variety of manual techniques including myofascial release and soft tissue technique, resisted muscle lengthening, nerve mobilisation, dry needling (western medical acupuncture), joint articulation and manipulation. Treatment applied on the day depends on both the individual presentation and preference. I’m a strong believer in patient autonomy and work in a collaborative method.

Osteopaths look beyond what happens in the treatment room and consider external factors that may be influencing why the body is not healing. As a result, we provide advice on diet, exercise, posture and stress. Through this comprehensive approach, we aim to provide long lasting results. Australia osteopaths are government registered primary healthcare practitioners. Our training is comprehensive and covers medical sciences and diagnostics, as well as orthopaedics, neurology, pain science and as well as classic osteopathic.

As primary practitioners we are able to carry out basic medical exams in order to determine if referral is necessary.



Initial Osteopathy Appointment

Select this appointment if this is your first visit with our osteopaths. This appointment will run for 45 minutes depending on the presenting issue. Please bring any relevant medical records to your appointment.


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Standard Osteopathy Appointment

Select this appointment if you have seen us within the last two years and have only one current issue/area of concern.


Sports Injury

Extended Osteopathy Appointment

Select this appointment if you have seen us within the last two years and have more than one current issue/area of concern.


15 Minute Movement & Postural Assessment 

Not sure about what osteopathy can do for you?  Have questions before you book in for a treatment? This is your perfect opportunity for a no obligation, free assessment!


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