You’re sabotaging yourself from recovery. Here’s how.

It must be very frustrating when you feel amazing after a treatment, but it doesn’t last, and all your symptoms seem to return for no apparent reason, and you feel like you need another session sooner than expected! We know you love us, but we know you don’t want to be coming in all the time, and we don’t want to be seeing you all the time either, because we want to know that you’re getting better!

There are a few reasons why this would happen, and hopefully they help you understand how to get better quicker!

  1. Getting better is NOT your #1 priority. Sometimes, if your pain or injury is holding you back, you just have to put other things on hold and focus on recovery, so that you can come back even better and more efficient than before. For example, give your shoulder a break by not doing housework, give the gym a rest to let your knee recover, but most importantly, DO YOUR EXERCISES/FOLLOW THE INSTRUCTIONS GIVEN NO MATTER WHAT.
  2. Following on from the previous tip, the next biggest sabotage is when we have given you amazing advice, and you have just put the information to the back of your mind because there are just too many other things to worry about. You think, I’ll do that exercise later, I have to lift that bed frame up the stairs today, or I don’t have time so I’ll only do the exercise once today, or I will get that spiky ball next time, or it’s feeling better, I’ll use the heat pack tomorrow. We don’t blame you, life does get in the way sometimes, but this is a major sabotage. The more you follow our instructions, the faster you will heal.
  3. Not getting seen early enough. You get injured and think, I’ll just wait and see if it will get better. You speak to your friends who had the same problem, and they say theirs went away in a few days. Or, you think it’s only a small issue, and try not to think about it. So you wait a few days, then a few weeks, then a few months… and it’s really starting to bug you so you decide to get it looked at. In most cases, the longer you wait to get it treated, the longer it will take to get better. So book in as soon as you feel any niggle. This is also why we are fans of having regular monthly, six-weekly, or bi-monthly treatments/check ups, so that we nip it in the bud BEFORE it even begins.
  4. You have been taking painkillers. We understand. It is painful and stopping you from being productive. However, research shows that taking anti-inflammatories like Neurofen, Voltaren and Mobic actually slow the rate of recovery because it takes the much needed blood away from the injured area. The more tablets you take, the longer it will take to heal. There are many natural anti-inflammatory methods out there, so please ask us for some ideas instead and you’ll be back on your feet much quicker.

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