You’re probably here because of one of these reasons:

  • You want pain relief, FAST
  • You have an ongoing issue that you want to get rid of and you want to get on top of it permanently
  • You’re concerned about a problem developing and want to nip it in the bud before it affects your quality of life

No matter what the reason, we’re here to help.

We are famous for our incredible results over the past decade, and would love to get you started on your journey to better health and well-being.

How we can help

Do you have neck or back pain? Headaches? Concerns about your or your child’s posture? A sports injury? TMJ or Jaw pain? Joint and muscle pain? Pregnancy related concerns? These are issues we commonly treat, plus many more musculoskeletal concerns.

We’re a little different. Here’s how

You want someone who takes the time to listen and truly understand your health concerns and health goals. You want someone who shares your desire for pain relief without the use of unnecessary medications. You want someone to spend the time thoroughly assessing and examining you, then clearly explain to you why you might be feeling the way you’re feeling without the medical jargon. What’s more is that your time is extremely valuable. We get it!

At Box Hill Osteopathy, we value health above all, and have an integrative approach to treatment. We don’t just ask about your musculoskeletal system, we believe that all systems are related including the connection between body and mind. We’ll work closely with you – we’ll be a team. We’ll also bring in expertise from other specialists as required – in fact we’ll work with anyone else you may be seeing to get you the results you need.

Are you tired of seeking advice and treatment week after week, month after month, without feeling the results, and without knowing where treatment is going? Not only are we results driven, we’re honest. We promise to tell you if we think your time is better spent elsewhere. What’s more, we’ll advise you as to the best place to go.

You want honesty, transparency, and results. You want someone that’s on your side. Welcome to Box Hill Osteopathy.

Your consultation

Your initial consultation will take about 1 hour. It is very important to us that we understand your goals, and start you on a program to achieve them. It will begin with an interview during which we ask questions about the reason for your visit. This is followed by a thorough assessment and physical examination, after which we will usually be able to tell you the cause of your concerns, and explain the approach to treatment for you to get ideal results. Treatment will then follow, and then we will explain what you need to do at home including exercises in order to achieve your health goals.

Some techniques that we might use during treatment include massage, stretching, joint articulation, and joint manipulation. Of course, if you are uncomfortable with anything during the consultation, we will avoid those techniques. The beauty about osteopathy, is that we have many, many techniques up our sleeve, so we can always adapt!

During the first consultation you will:

  • Receive a written plan that details what kind of relief you would expect to get
  • Get clarity about what is causing your symptoms
  • Find out all the right things you need to be doing to help yourself
  • Know what you shouldn’t be doing or what could be making your symptoms worse
  • Be confident about what you need to do to keep the pain away for good!

Follow up consultations typically involve a reassessment to make sure we are on the right path, then a similar treatment if all is going well. The number of follow up treatments varies greatly depending on your condition. Some patients only require 1-2 sessions, and some require ongoing monthly or bi-monthly treatments for maintenance. Your osteopath will discuss the best course of action that is tailored to you and your needs.

What to bring

Your private health insurance membership card (if applicable). BHO has HICAPS facilities, which allows you to claim on the spot.

Any past X-Rays, MRI’s or CT scans that you feel are relevant to your presentation.
You will not need a referral from a GP to visit an osteopath, but if you are eligible for the medicare EPC plan, or covered by the Department of Veteran’s Affairs, please bring the referral form with you.

For all TAC and WorkSafe patients, please bring your claim number to the initial consultation. (Please note that for all Medicare, WorkSafe and TAC claims, you will need to pay for your consultation upfront, and you will be issued with a invoice to claim).

Please wear comfortable clothing, and depending on the area treated, you might need to disrobe for the treatment, just leaving your underwear on. You will be well covered, and a gown can be provided if necessary.

Your next step

If you want to finally get rid of that niggling pain for good, feel better, and get back to living a full and healthy life, Simply call us on 03 9898 4391 or BOOK ONLINE NOW.