Osteopathic massage

Do you need an osteo massage or an osteo treatment?

Book an osteo massage if you:

  • Feel generally stiff and sore all over, but don’t necessarily have a specific injury or pain
  • Want to feel more deeply relaxed with a specialised form of massage rather than just a relaxational massage
  • Have several areas of muscle soreness or stiffness that you want to target before having an osteopathic treatment/manipulation
  • Are training for a sporting event, such as a run, and need to loosen your muscles
  • Have had a particularly stressful time at work or school and are feeling stiff from having spent many hours sitting in one position
  • Want targeted advice about stretching/exercises you could be doing to reduce general muscle and joint stiffness
  • Osteopathic massage is available to returning patients only – all new patients need to book an initial osteopathic appointment in order to have a full assessment

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