Osteopathy and Kids!

Our resident big kid, Dr. Alexis Page absolutely loves treating kids, and we recently interviewed her about this. Read on to find out why you should bring your kids in to see Alexis!

1. Why do you like treating kids and why do they love you?

I love kids because they are weird and wonderful little units who always see everything at it’s best. I’ve come from a background of coaching and teaching, so treating kids for me is just another branch of that.  I think it’s important to educate our young ones to look after themselves before things become too hard. Prevention is key.

Kids tend to like me because I am fun and warm, I put on a big smile and have fun with my young clients, and some of my older ones too. I make an effort to make a connection with each person who spends any amount of time on my table. I think that it’s an important part of the treatment to have a good relationship with your osteo, I find kids ask me a million questions about different things, they are comfortable and generally enjoy a session with me, it helps that they get better too!

2. What do you treat kids for?

I treat kids for a range of things, including but not limited to postural adjustments after, before and during growing or just in general, gait or walking issues, sport injuries, headaches, growing pains, relief of tension due to stress/anxiety.

3. What occurs during a consultation?

Consultations with children are always different, as their lives are ever changing and fast paced.  The first time you and your child come to visit me you can expect I talk to you both for half an hour, get to know all the different aspects of your history that are relevant in each different child’s case.  Then I’d spend 10 minutes assessing the child through watching them walk or run, and do some basic movements like squatting and some special tests for different conditions. Then there is about 20 minutes of treatment, depending on what each child comes in with will determine what techniques I’d use to treat. Then I’d most likely set some easy homework, like stretching or practising jumping with the correct technique.

4. What is the difference between an adult consultation and a child consultation?

The main difference between the adult and child consultation for me is the way I approach a client, with children it’s important to explain what’s going on in a why that makes them comfortable and have a smile on their face. You simply don’t get a good session with a frown. There are lots of jokes and talking about school and sport, whilst also giving them information about what’s going on with them, I’ve found that kids who understand what their condition is and what we are doing in a session hit the ground running and really embrace the osteo life.  I also tend to give kids a few more functional exercises than adults simply because they benefit from it more whilst they are growing.

5. What ages do you treat?

I treat from 5- 105 (I mean if you found someone older I’d certainly treat them to) I tend not to treat under 5 years old because I believe you should have further qualification for this age group. Something I will pursue in the future.

6. Should kids come for check ups? 

100% they should come for check ups, at the very least when they are either in a growth spurt or directly after. Ideally 4 times a year.  (more for children participating in sport). The teen age group benefit from more regular treatment 1-2 monthly as they are more active and going through some pretty big bodily changes.

If you feel that your child/ren might benefit from seeing Dr. Alexis, please don’t hesitate to contact us for more information by emailing hello@boxhillosteopathy.com.au, calling us on 9898 4391, or you are welcome to book online HERE. Also, please SHARE this blog with your friends who have kids!

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