Remedial Massage Therapy


A therapeutic deep tissue massage technique, focusing on relieving chronic muscle tightness, returning strength and mobility to the body and supporting the body’s healing process. 

Muscle pain and fatigue is a common result of many lifestyles. Regardless of how active you may be, small strains, aches and pains can become more debilitating over time if left untreated. Our massage therapist Penny will work with you to assess the areas of your body that require the most attention, pinpointing the location of damaged tissue and distressed muscle. With the help of your feedback, Penny will then regulate pressure on these areas, ensuring your level of tenderness is considered.

If relaxation is what you are really looking for, our massage therapist Penny can tailor her massage techniques to your specific needs, providing you with a more soothing and gentle massage, while also releasing tension and tightness present within the body.