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Here at BHO we are all about health. It’s what we do and we are passionate about it.

In the current climate, with covid-19, being healthy is more important than ever.

So how do we manage that while still keeping everyone safe?

We are still open and treating patients as normal with extra precautions but for some people that’s not an option at the moment for any number of reasons including social distancing and self-isolation.

But that doesn’t mean we can’t help.

We are running Virtual appointments. What are they and how do they work?

During a virtual appointment your practitioner will talk through your concerns and guide you through some movement assessments. Then they will assist you to learn some ways to help yourself while at home through education and advice, which may include stretches or exercises that you can do safely at home without any special equipment.

While having some “hands on” treatment might be out of reach for some at the moment we encourage everyone to stay as healthy as possible and taking an active part in your own recovery and health is a great alternative.

It is a strange time for us all, so learning new ways of doing things comes with the territory.

You can call the clinic on 9898 4391 or book online at

Just remember we are all in this together.

The team at BHO




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We are here to help!

We are here to help.

There is a lot of fear going around about the current virus Covid-19.

Some of you may be self quarantining due to travel or even as a protective measure which is understandable.

However, that doesn’t mean we can’t help you.

Just because we can’t see you physically, doesn’t mean you have to put up with pain or discomfort.

A new service that we are now offering is a Virtual Osteopathy appointment. What is it and how does it work?

If you can’t make it in to see us, we can arrange for an appointment with one of our team via video link or over the phone. There are several ways to video link including Zoom, Skype or Whatsapp.

During your Virtual appointment our practitioner will discuss your medical history, have you do a movement assessment and based on this will recommend a course of action for you, be it stretching or exercises or heat to help relieve soreness.

Your appointment should be about 20 minutes as there is no hands on treatment.

Unfortunately Virtual appointments are not covered by health insurance so your out of pocket expense would be $45.

Our aim is to be able to provide support to patients even if they can’t actually get into the clinic at the moment. We don’t want anyone to be in pain because of circumstances beyond your control, so we will be doing our best to support you any way we can.

You can call the clinic on 9898 4391 or book online at

Just remember we are all in this together.

The team at BHO




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How to exercise without exercising!!

How to exercise without exercising.

You all know that we LOVE exercise at Box Hill Osteopathy, but we understand that some of you don’t. We can see that with some of you, your eyes glaze over when we suggest exercise, or you feel like just the thought of exercise is such a high mountain to climb that it is unachievable. You understand the importance of exercise, but don’t know how or where to get started or how you can possibly fit it into your day!

So the team got together and came up with 3 ideas for you to exercise without exercising (the ultimate dream for some of you).

It doesn’t matter WHAT you do, it’s movement that’s important. So instead of sitting on the couch at the end of the day, how about standing up and doing a few stretches, or even some floor exercises? You could even dance while doing the dishes, or lunge to the toilet instead of walk… who knows, the possibilities are endless!!

We just wanted to give you some food for thought, and inspire you to get moving, and show you that it can be done EASILY. See our tips below.!
If you are keen to get moving, but not sure what to do, please feel free to have a chat to one of our practitioners. This is our forte and we love it!

  1. SHOPPING – Ok this seems like a no brainer, but here are some ideas… walking to the shops or even parking away from the entrance, walking around the shops with your coffee instead of sitting down to drink it, carrying the shopping instead of using a trolley (be mindful of any injuries!), walking up the stairs instead of taking the elevator or escalator. This clocks up those steps for the day, and walking is known to reduce your risk of heart disease, diabetes, dementia, and improve circulation. Going to shops that are outside would be even better because you get vitamin D exposure and fresh air, but anything is better than no exercise!

  1. HOUSEWORK/CHORES/GARDENING – We researched the chores that burn the most calories, and here is the list we compiled:
    – cleaning windows
    – washing up
    – vacuuming
    – dusting
    – ironing
    – making beds
    – mopping and sweeping
    – mowing
    – gardeningGardening tops the list off by far, with 30 minutes burning 213 calories (equivalent to 45 minutes of cycling on a flat surface). So get on to that deep cleaning and tidying up of the garden, people, because it will  make you feel good both physically and mentally!

  1. SECRET DANCING – let’s be honest, who doesn’t love dancing, especially when no one is watching??? So crank up those tunes and dance around the house. Dancing burns  up to 330 calories an hour, and is great for your general health. Not only that but it’s FUN!



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The quickest and easiest way to better mind and body health.

Happy new year! I hope you enjoyed the festive season. New year, new beginnings! I have a challenge for you.

COLD SHOWERS. “Are you crazy?” You ask. Maybe, but doing things out of the comfort zone is so invigorating and addictive. I even started doing cold showers 6 months ago… yes, in the middle of winter! And it was great! Why would I even consider doing such a thing to myself? Why not enjoy my nice, long hot showers in the middle of winter? Firstly, I was inspired by the amazing Tony Robbins who plunges into a cold pool every day to start the day. He encouraged me to wonder, am I in control of my body, or is my body in control of me? If we just stick to what’s comfortable for our whole lives, then we will never transcend to higher limits in order to achieve what we want to in life.

If that’s not enough motivation for you, here are even more benefits of cold showers:

  1. Better for the hair
  2. Better for the skin
  3. Aids with fat loss
  4. Speeds up recovery from aches and pains
  5. Eases depression
  6. Energises you for the day
  7. Improves alertness
  8. Improves your immunity
  9. Increased self control or willpower

So you can jump straight into cold water if you like, but here is how I eased into it, and I encourage you to try this too.

Day 1: regular hot shower, then change it to cold for 10 seconds.
Day 2: increase cold to 15 seconds
Day 3: increase cold to 20 seconds
Day 4: increase cold to 30 seconds.
Day 5-7: continue with 30 seconds.
Day 8: reduce time in hot shower, and increase cold to 1 minute
Day 9 onwwards: continue reducing time in hot shower, and continue increasing cold until you are having a full cold shower.


  1. Before the cold starts, push the fear aside. Get excited! I used to yell “Yes, yes, yes, yes!!!” And this got me through it.
  2. Count down out loud, and LOUDLY. For me, the volume of my voice drowned out the voice in my head that told me it was too cold.
  3. If you are sick or feel you are coming down with something, please don’t do the cold!

After the cold shower, contrary to what you might expect, you won’t feel cold. Even in winter, I felt very warm after. Your blood vessels constrict during the shower, and then open up again after, warming the body up.

There are almost 2 months left of summer, so here’s my challenge for you:

Cold showers every day for the rest of summer. Use the guideline above. You’ll notice that once you get to 30 seconds, you’ll feel that you can do as long as you like. And after a few days, your body just gets conditioned to it.

Let me know the changes you experience and note any of the benefits above. I’m excited to find out!

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Let us know how else we can improve your health!

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